Our monthly training and food plans will be available from Summer 2018.



Inspire Fit Food will be offering healthy meals to takeout, meal prep plans, juices and salads all complete with macro info.

You can choose a program that your trainer recommends whether fat loss, muscle gain or maintenance and we’ll do the rest.


Inspire Fitness is Merthyr’s best value functional gym with unlimited classes for only £25 per month!
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I love coming home to Merthyr to visit my family & always top of the list is a personal training session with Sarah at Inspire. I normally train in London but Merthyr has some of the best trainers. The hour flies by and I feel incredible by the end. Keep up the great work guys! JM x

Julien Macdonald

I’ve always exercised and gone to the gym but never really enjoyed it until I joined Inspire.. I’ve been going over a year now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else! The range of classes and times are great to fit around a busy life! All the trainers are really friendly and you’re made to feel more like a friend rather than someone who just has a membership. Once you join you’ll never go to another gym again! Xx

Megan Lewis

I completed the Swansea marathon today, beating my merthyr half by 7mins. I couldn’t of done it without the help of all the coaches at inspire fitness, the classes really has paid off & I can’t thank you enough, Sarah Draper, Lee Idzi & Joe Barry xx

Taryn Tang

Many thanks to inspire fitness coaches Sarah Draper and lee Lee Idzi for helping me to improve my running. Since joining bootcamp I have improved my running times. 5k pb by 2 minutes 10 k by 3 minutes and half marathon by 8 minutes. Goes to prove that stronger legs = stronger running!! Looking forward to attending many more classes through the winter months!! X

Melanie Mickleburg


  • Nutritionally balanced

  • Various plans to complement your training

  • Healthy and delicious!